About Us

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WBF Canada is a federal body of all the Brahman organizations in Canada. It is a not-for- profit, non-political, social, educational, religious and cultural organization of Brahmans. The Brahman refers to people who possess the ‘Sanskaras’ and practice Brahmanical values enshrined in the Vedic scriptures.


i. To promote, social, educational, spiritual, religious and cultural bondage among Brahmans, regardless of regional and linguistic diversity, in Canada and around the world.

ii. To elevate human consciousness for advancing mankind based on Brahmanical values as enshrined in the Vedic Scriptures, such as, ‘Vedas’ and Upanishads through universal principles of tolerance, coexistence and respect for humanity.

iii. To inculcate, imbibe, preserve and promote Brahmanical philosophy, values and heritage in the current and future generations so that they become enlightened citizens.

iv. To promote and advance studies of Sanskrit and Vedic scriptures in Canada and around the world.

v. To provide charity to the needy consistent with Brahmanical values and benevolence.

To volunteer, send an email indicating interest and your expertise: